Welcome to West Auckland Comedy by One Mic Standup.

We’re doing free stand-up comedy over Spring and Summer as the sun goes down and we’re doing it in West Auckland parks look for someone setting up a speaker and lights.

Each show lasts about 90 minutes.

These are public parks & alcohol consumption is controlled by Auckland council. Our reading of their rules is that alcohol is permitted unless there is a liquor ban in effect. Caveats:

  1. We’re comedians not lawyers & accept no responsibility for anything that might look like legal advice
  2. Light social drinking enhances the enjoyment of comedy for some people. Heavy drinking can ruin the enjoyment of the night for you. Please drink responsibly.

For comfort we suggest:

  • Bring something to sit on and a water bottle.
  • Snacks can be good also. It’s hard to hear laughter over rumbling stomachs.
  • Even if it’s warm, we finish right on sunset & it can get cold or blustery at the end of the day. Coats are good.

Check out our events calendar for the next gig. Hint: It will be next Friday between November & March at 7:00 PM, unless today is Friday when it will be today.